A Little Love Story book image


Shaye Areheart Books, August 2005

In A Little Love Story, Roland Merullo, winner of the Massachusetts Book Award and the Maria Thomas Fiction Award, has created a sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious tale of attraction and loyalty, jealousy and grief. It is a classic love story – with some modern twists.

Janet Rossi is very smart and unusually attractive, an aide to the governor of Massachusetts, but she suffers from an illness that makes her, as she puts it, "not exactly a good long-term investment." Jake Entwhistle is a few years older, a carpenter and portrait painter, smart and good-looking too, but with a shadow over his romantic history. After meeting by accident –literally – when Janet backs into Jake's antique truck, they begin a love affair marked by courage, humor, a deep and erotic intimacy... and modern complications.

Beginning with a basic love story, Merullo breaks new ground with a fresh look at modern romance, taking liberties with the classic design, adding original lines of friendship, spirituality, and laughter, and, of course, probing the mystery of love.


"Writing with serene passion and gentle humor, Merullo powerfully reveals both the resiliency and fragility of life and love... This is not a little love story. It is, quite utterly, grand."

– Booklist

" Merullo has a graceful way with dialogue, allowing his characters' wit—sometimes caustic, sometimes sweet—to unfold naturally. For all its sadness, his narrative is never maudlin; for all its familiarity, it's never trite. No tears are jerked in the delivery of this solidly satisfying little romance, whose author is something of a Houdini in the art of escaping banality."

– Washington Post's Book World

"Thoughtful and restrained (yet very sexy)."

– New York Times Book Review